Caravan and Company was started in September 2019 with the mission to carry goods that are whimsical, personal and have a special connection to the wearer. We aim to carry the majority of our goods that are made by women across the globe. Our goal is to work with partners that support local, empower women and by doing so help to lift up communities. All of our products are carefully curated to reflect unique artisanship and have a special element to them.

Our products come from all over the world. We carry bright, colourful and handwoven Wayuu bags from Lombia and Co., a company based in Colombia that supports mentorship and training for the women of the Wayuu tribe. 

One of our bestsellers, flip flop bangles, are collected by neighbourhood women in Mali, Africa who melt them down and twist them into colourful bracelets. From Africa we also have telephone wire bangles, which are coiled bracelets made from re-purposed telephone wire.  Also in the mix are beautifully made, Frida Kahlo inspired earrings and rings, made by artisans in Taxco, Mexico.

We are committed to slow, thoughtfully made goods.